About Us


Dogwood Letterpress is based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia and is run by Lisa Currer and her husband, Sean Boag. We create our designs with real people in mind, and with the intention of inspiring you to connect with friends, colleagues and loved ones with hand-written notes.
All of our work is printed on vintage presses, including two vintage Chandler & Price hand-fed presses (dating from 1912, and 1929) and a vintage mid-century Heidelberg windmill platen press. We use a combination of hand-carved linocuts, photopolymer plates, and hand-set type to create our prints. 
When not on press you can find us in the woods, hiking or biking the local trails.

We use 100% cotton paper that is incredibly soft, and is made using reclaimed linters from the garment industry. We also make some of our own paper in-house, using offcuts (left over trimmings) and make it one sheet at a time. 

 Dogwood Letterpress print shop and studio

For more information about us, please find a two-part interview about letterpress, with Granville Island-based Paper-Ya (interviewer: Christine Wiebe):

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Dogwood is the official flower of British Columbia, but grows in various forms in a variety of climates and seasons. We think it is an apt symbol for our shop since our work is influenced by outdoor life in a wide range of regions.

Dogwood blossoms in Vancouver