About Us

Dogwood Letterpress is located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. We create our designs with real people in mind, and with the intention of inspiring you to connect with friends, colleagues and loved ones with hand-written notes.

Vintage letterpress printing is hand-fed, one by one. We use a combination of hand-carved linocuts, photopolymer plates, and hand-set metal & wooden type to create our prints. Each card is custom die-cut to give it rounded corners. Our cards are printed on 100% cotton paper using vintage Chandler & Price platen hand-presses & equipment that was manufactured in the early 1900s.

The growing collection of forged metal antiques used in production at Dogwood Letterpress are lovingly operated by Lisa Currer, who learned about letterpress when she was a graphic design intern in New York. Lisa was inspired by a wonderful mentor who happened to produce annual Christmas cards on his vintage letterpress, using antique cuts and moveable type. More inspiration was found at an Alembic Press workshop (Marcham, near Oxford, UK), and the inevitable first press acquisition happened in 2005 thanks to Don & Craig Black (Don Black Linecasting) in Toronto who provided a lot of ideas and help. Continued inspiration comes from the amazing network of the Ladies of Letterpress.

As it happens, Lisa is the fourth generation in her family to be involved in printing. A few years ago, when it seemed as though printing might become extinct, Lisa left the graphic arts to pursue other avenues. As it turns out, she just couldn't stay away, and Dogwood Letterpress was reborn in 2015.

As anyone who's fallen for letterpress will know, it is thanks to patient and generous friends with strong arms that continuing with any of this eccentric craft is possible on a small-shop scale. Sean Boag moonlights at Dogwood LP as Chief of Equipment Acquisition, and casual Art Director (vintage auto collection).

Dogwood blossoms in Vancouver

Dogwood is the official 'flower' of British Columbia, but grows in various forms in a variety of climates and seasons. We think it is a nice symbol for our shop that has lived in a variety of places, and has many different sources of ongoing inspiration. We have Kate to thank for coming up with our name back in 2005 when we were just a C&P Pilot and a dream.